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  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Bruce.

    Ronnie was just great. We consulted with Ronnie on an business lease issue. He came back to us within a day of contacting him. He was direct, efficient, asked all the right questions, and gave us solid advice on moving forward. You could tell that he knew the law and he would be someone that I would want to work with if this issue becomes bigger than it is right now. I would want to hire Ronnie in any other business real estate deal. 

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Debi. 

    Ronnie is a talented and straightforward attorney. He provides accurate information in a timely manner and ensures that client details are managed to a very high professional standard. I recommend the Fischer Law Firm highly. 

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Harry.

    I hired Mr. Fischer to represent me and my wife in a land dispute. He was very knowledgeable and helped us put an end to the suit. he advised against allowing access to the area and was very willing to go the extra mile to settle this case in our favor, which it was. 

  • 4.0 Stars - Posted by a Client.

    Ronnie Fischer was in charge of a transfer of some real estate property into my mother’s trust. He kept us informed of any problems that came and handled them well. He completed the transfer in a reasonable time period and his fees were low. Overall he did a good job for us. We would hire him again if needed. 

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by George.

    I recently found myself in need of some legal advice; I contacted and attorney in my home town who referred me to Ronnie. I reached out to Ronnie and from the word go he was very professional and helpful. He provided consultation in a leasing issue that I was dealing with and was very quick to provide responses to my questions. I would retain his services any day of the week.

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by a Client.

    We had a new home being built and the owners of the construction company after withdrawing more than the contracted construction cost using falsified documents, bankrupted their business and left a big mess.

    Mr. Fischer helped us dealing with multiple sub contractors the construction company had not paid, the insurance company due to vandalism, and the bank that had given out money it should not have. Needless to say it was a terrible mess and given the situation Mr. Fischer did an excellent job minimizing the damage.


  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Dan.

    The lawyers and staff at Fischer and Fischer are professional, intelligent and easy to work with. I have used them on several occasions to assist with business, real estate and intellectual property concerns and they have always provided me with a thorough, well reasoned and thoughtful answer to my legal problems and questions in simple language that was easy to understand. While they don't always tell me what I want to hear, their answers and opinions have always been spot on and left me better informed and better prepared to handle what ever issue I was facing. Better yet, I know that for any issue I can't handle or that is too important to leave to chance, they will do the best job possible and do it for a fair and reasonable fee.

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Josh.

    Ronnie, helped me resolve a very small legal issue but he treated it like it was a huge case. I felt totally comfortable with his knowledge and his commitment to helping me. I will be using Fisher Law for all my legal needs going forward.

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Claire.

    Top notch legal representation - attorneys who are smart, not afraid of complicated legal and financial issues, ready to go to trial but skilled at working out fair settlements to save on fees and costs, and fair billing. I cannot give them a high enough recommendation. This is my first phone call for legal questions, because they either can help or can send me directly to someone who can.

  • 5.0 Stars - Posted by Sonia.

    ​Mr. Ronnie Fischer, Esq. of Fischer & Fischer, P.C. is a great attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and provided a great service at a reasonable cost.


  • Posted by Carla.

    Nobody every wants to hire an attorney to settle things with a neighbor but I did and was very glad I was directed to Ronnie Fischer. Mr. Fischer listened to get every detail down, then took quick action. Because of his detailed approach and kind, but direct interaction with my neighbor things were resolved in no time... What couldn't be avoided was quick, painless and had a positive outcome. 


  • Posted by John.

    I have known Ronnie for a while and worked opposite him on a case. He was aces to work with, the problem was solved, and everybody was happy [for a while at least, until the next problem arose, but we solved the problem we were hired to resolve].


  • Posted by a Client.

    Thank you for giving me much needed real estate advice. Fischer & Fischer, P.C. are fantastic real estate attorneys to work with. I needed some guidance on a real estate matter that I had been thinking about. Real estate lawyers at Fischer & Fischer, P.C. methodically asked me questions, responded to my concerns and provided me with information that helped me make my decision. I recommend these real estate lawyers to anyone who is looking for one. 


  • Posted by Claire.

    ​Ronnie Fischer has a national practice regarding patents. I would trust him with my own legal matters. ​